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3 Ways To Improve Psychotherapy Services

An Interview with Theravue’s Dr. Bruce Wampold - North America’s foremost psychotherapy training expert

by Theravue on February 13, 2018

Writer Kristen Moran spoke with award-winning psychotherapist Bruce Wampold at his home in Madison, Wisconsin, to learn about why the field of psychotherapy needs to make changes in terms of the training of its practitioners and how best to go about instigating those changes. Below is the interview.

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Who Are Effective Therapists?

Studies have proven some therapists are more effective than others. What characteristics do they share and how can we learn from them?

by Bruce Wampold on September 14, 2017 Last updated on August 1, 2020

Psychotherapy is remarkably effective but we should not be too complacent about this conclusion. Psychotherapy results in a better outcome than would otherwise be the case in about one out of three clients, which compared to many medical treatments is actually very good. But we can do better, of course. Some therapists achieve better outcomes than others—that is, some therapists consistently help clients, while others do not. This raises a truly important question: What are the characteristics and actions of effective therapists?

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Why Therapists Don’t Improve, And How They Could

Dr. Bruce Wampold Outlines 3 Methods for Psychotherapists to Continuously Improve

by Bruce Wampold on July 5, 2017 Last updated on September 1, 2020

How time flies. I have been researching, practicing and supervising psychotherapy for over 35 years. When I began graduate school Hans Eysenck’s claims that psychotherapy was not effective, and likely harmful, was widely disseminated and believed. To say the least, it was not an optimistic time to be in training to become a psychologist.

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How Do We Become Better Therapists? Psychotherapy Debate with Bruce Wampold and Peter Fonagy

Two International Experts Discuss What Makes a Good Therapist And How We Can All Improve Our Practices

by Theravue on March 16, 2017 Last updated on September 15, 2020

“How do we become better therapists?” That was one of the main questions being asked during the debate between Peter Fonagy and Dr. Bruce Wampold at the Nordic Conference for Mental Health, which is held every year in Stavanger, Norway. The two psychotherapists were invited to discuss four themes related to the current state of psychotherapy research and where we may head in the future. Some of the topics discussed included...

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