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The best way to teach counseling skills online

Develop more effective psychotherapists with the deliberate practice training system.

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A web-based deliberate practice system for psychotherapy courses

Student can practice anytime, anywhere

Theravue enables therapy students to practice real-world therapy scenarios, unimpeded by typical requirements like real-time instructor oversight or peer-to-peer role playing.

Get laser-like focus on where each student needs the most help

Theravue empowers instructors with a video-based student evaluation system to monitor, advise, and grade therapy students.

Course building made simple

Choose from premade course modules, each targeting a focused group of therapy skills.

Diverse in-session client simulations

Our video library is always expanding with clients from different ages, religions, races, sexualities, and more.

Accessible to all users

Accessibility features are seamlessly integrated, including subtitles and screen reader text. Learn more

Pinpoint where students need help

  • Quickly identify which students require support in particular areas.
  • Provide grades and feedback directly from Theravue.
  • Leverage a whole new remote channel to evaluate and support students.

Students become active learners

  • Students can practice skills remotely anytime on their own.
  • Students watch and learn from their own past in-session behaviors.
  • Students ultimately become better counselors.

Quick set up in minutes with built-in modules

Easily administer student assignments by assembling course modules based on learning outcomes. Modules include a library of hundreds of in-session video categories.


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Evidence-based skill building

"The evidence suggests that to improve client outcomes, we must focus on improving the skills that characterize the most effective therapists. Such improvement requires deliberate practice of those skills."

Dr. Bruce Wampold


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