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Are you a therapy instructor?

Theravue is an online deliberate practice system for effective therapy education in the classroom.

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As used by

City University of Seattle, The University of Wisconsin Madison, Pepperdine University, Texas A&M University-Central Texas

... and many more

What is Theravue?

Thirty years of research by Bruce E. Wampold into improving client outcomes by training therapists in specific psychological and interpersonal skills.

Patent Pending Technology

Students can complete assignments from any computer. Our patent pending video response system brings the science of practice into the modern classroom.

Unlimited Access to Practice Videos

Our library of diverse client videos contain difficult situations that prepare students for tricky situations that happen in real therapy practice.

Built for the Needs of Educators

Build your own courses from our library to fit the needs of your class. Evaluate video responses your students complete according to a rubric of your design.

Interview with Chief Scientist Bruce Wampold

"... This is an important question—how can psychotherapy services be improved? There are essentially three ways that have been offered to improve the outcomes of psychotherapy." Read more

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