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Who are Effective Therapists?

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In my last blog I talked about how psychotherapy was remarkably effective but that we should not be too complacent about this conclusion. Psychotherapy results in a better outcome than would otherwise be the case in about one out of three clients, which compared to many medical treatments is actually very good. But we can do better, of course. Read more

Why Therapists Don’t Improve? … And How They Could

How to improve

How time flies. I have been researching, practicing and supervising psychotherapy for over 35 years. When I began graduate school Hans Eysenck’s claims that psychotherapy was not effective, and likely harmful, was widely disseminated and believed. To say the least, it was not an optimistic time to be in training to become a psychologist. Read more

How Do We Become Better Therapists? Psychotherapy Debate with Bruce Wampold and Peter Fonagy

Psychotherapy debate

How do we become better therapists? That was one of the main questions being asked during the debate between Peter Fonagy and Bruce Wampold at the Nordic Conference for Mental Health. The two psychotherapists were invited to discuss four themes related to the current state of psychotherapy research and where we may head in the future: Read more

How to Run a Peer Consultation Group

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Are you thinking about participating in a peer consultation group, but you aren’t sure where to start? Do you want some guidelines in how to make the experience a positive one? Are you wondering about such things like the size of the group, where to meet and how to get the most value from the group meetings? If so, you’re in the right place. Read more

What is a Peer Consultation Group?

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The term peer consultation may sound fairly self-explanatory, but many practicing therapists aren’t aware of what a peer consultation group is, what functions it serves and the benefits of joining or forming one. With that in mind, we put together an article to answer these questions. Read more

A Welcome Message from Dr. Bruce Wampold, Chief Scientist


I have been a psychologist and psychotherapy researcher for over 35 years. During that time I have learned much about the effectiveness of psychotherapy and about how it works. As a field, we’ve made enormous strides in our understanding of what really matters in therapy, and more importantly, what therapists can do to improve outcomes for their clients. Read more

Theravue is Now Live!

Peer consultation

A little less than a year ago, I sent an unsolicited email to Dr. Bruce Wampold, arguably the world’s foremost authority on the science of therapy outcomes. To my surprise, Bruce kindly answered and offered to chat. Read more