Frequently Asked Questions

What is Theravue?

Theravue is an online skill building system for psychotherapy professors and students of psychotherapy. Our revolutionary system uses the science of deliberate practice to improve therapeutic skills in a way that is proven to create more effective therapists.

Who is Theravue for?

Theravue is designed and built exclusively for classes teaching psychotherapy, including psychology, psychiatry, clinical counselling, MFT, and social work.

Can students sign up for Theravue without a professor?

Currently, a student must be invited by a professor to be able to access Theravue content. Professors can schedule a demo of Theravue or call us at (+1) 778-402-5790 to set up a free professor account.

How does it work?

Theravue is based on over 30 years of research by our Chief Scientist Dr. Bruce Wampold of the University of Wisconsin. Our interactive system uses the science of deliberate practice to improve therapist effectiveness and client outcomes. Here's how it works:

  1. The professor of a psychotherapy class creates a course for their students and assigns practice cases to them.
  2. Using their web camera, students respond to practice case videos as if they were in the room with the client.
  3. Once a response is submitted, the student's professor reviews the response and gives an evaluation to the student.

How large is Theravue's library of videos?

Because Theravue regularly adds more videos to its library, the number will always grow. Theravue aims to provide users with videos that are as diverse as possible in terms of cultural backgrounds, social backgrounds, personal issues, and situations.

How much does it cost?

Theravue is free for professors. Students pay $59.00 per course. If you are a professor and would like to try Theravue, schedule a demo.

Does Theravue have a patent?

Theravue is currently a patent pending technology.